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The silky texture of this chocolate melts delicately in the mouth and pleasantly coats the entire palate. The soft freshness of the peppermint is an elegant surprise, leaving plenty of room for notes of almonds and spices in an original and harmonious waltz.

The cocoa beans are not roasted, but rather undergo a specific fermentation with intensive drying, which gives them a very special flavour.

This bar brings out the intense flavours of cocoa.


Notes: Peppermint, almonds and spices

Tablete Chocolate 70% Amelonado Unroasted

SKU: 0002
  • Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter, Sugar, Emulsifier

    (soya lecithin) *

    Produced from organic farming

    Nutritional Values (100 gr/ml)

    Energy Value - 578 kcal

    Total Fat - 42 gr

    Saturated Fat - 27 gr

    Total carbohydrates 35 gr

    Fibre 8.6 gr

    Magnesium 193 mg

    Potassium 646 mg

    Calcium 57.3 mg

    Iron 5 mg

    Cholesterol 1.6 mg

    Sugar - 34 gr

    Protein - 8.9 gr

    Salt - Traces

    Vitamin D - Traces

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