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The creamy texture of this chocolate allows for an explosion of delicate flavors and aromas in the mouth.

The aromas of roasted nuts and hazelnuts make this chocolate very tasty. Grapefruit notes follow to surprise and delight. The texture offers a long-lasting, chocolatey and spicy finish.


This bar is directly inspired by Olivier Casenave's creation: Best Bar in the World 2016 (Salon du Chocolat à Paris).


Notes: Hazelnut, almond and grapefruit

75% Amelonated Chocolate Tablet

SKU: 0004
  • Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter, Sugar, Emulsifier

    (Soya lecithin) *

    Organic farming

    Nutritional Values (100 gr/ml)

    Energy Value - 594 kcal

    Total Fat - 45 gr

    Saturated fat 29 gr

    Total carbohydrates 33 gr

    Fiber 9.7 gr

    Magnesium 198 mg

    Potassium 648 mg

    Calcium 59.3 mg

    Iron 4.9 mg

    Cholesterol 1.6 mg

    Sugar - 30 gr

    Protein - 9.3 gr

    Salt - Traces

    Vitamin D - Traces

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