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The intensity and power of this chocolate strongly reveal the cocoa notes.

This is followed by aromas of spices and licorice.

Its creamy, slightly astringent texture is reminiscent of great wines aged in oak barrels. The slightly smoky and woody notes linger pleasantly until the end of the tasting.


Notes: Aromas of licorice, spices and wood

Tablete Chocolate 82% Blend

SKU: 0005
  • Cocoa mass*, Cocoa butter,

    Sugar, Emulsifier

    (Soya lecithin) *

    Organic farming

    Nutritional Values (100 gr/ml)

    Energy Value - 609 kcal

    Total Fat - 49 gr

    Saturated Fat - 30 gr

    Total carbohydrates 35 gr

    Fiber 10.9 gr

    Magnesium 197 mg

    Potassium 614 mg

    Calcium 57 mg

    Iron 7.3 mg

    Cholesterol -2 mg

    Sugar - 20 gr

    Protein - 9.3 gr

    Salt - Traces

    Vitamin D - Traces

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